Wulftec International is a stretch wrapper manufacturer that came on the scene in 1990 and has since cemented its spot as a top manufacturer in the field.  Boasting what they call the “Wulftec Advantage”, the company prides itself on a list of key design aspects.  In 2002 the company was acquired by the Greece based M.J. Maillis group.

We know Wulftec machines like the back of our hands and can find the exact parts you’ll need along with providing other time and money saving solutions such as complete component rebuilding and retrofitting new and external devices.

We can help you with:

  • Wulftec WRT Series
  • Wulftec WRTA Series
  • Wulftec WCRT Series
  • Wulftec SMH Series
  • Wulftec SML Series
  • Wulftec SMLPA Series
  • Wulftec SMHPA Series

and more.